Monday, December 04, 2006

How Easy is a Bush Supposed a Bear...

That's what the Swan of Avon said about the reaction of a person "in the night, imagining some fear...." Works for me, although there aren't too many bears in these parts. You gotta go to Jersey to find those.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let y'all know that the disappearance of the FLASH message from the theatre marquis was not in fact due to sinister influences at work, but merely to the fact that the anonymous person who had asked to have it put there had only paid for one day's worth of posting. Fair enough.

This particular theatre has been in the habit of posting personal messages on its marquee for some time. It is possible to drive past and read the words, "Happy Birthday Susie!" or the like; I believe the theatre also hosts birthday parties inside. Can you imagine being little Susie (or whoever) as your mom nonchalantly drives you and your buds down the Avenue and someone (other than the clever mom) spots the sign and shrieks? And then your mom pulls into the curb and parks and lets you know it's party time? Sends a shiver up my spine just to picture the happy and surprised looks on the little darlings' faces.

So that, dear reader, is the story. You, too, can rent space on the theatre marquee if you are so moved. And free speech is alive and well (more or less) in Greenwich. Or so we can hope....


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