Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Would Have Been Preferable... the frozen rain we've been getting instead. Just as your scribe said yesterday, the forecasters' dire predictions of a snowstorm were a bunch of baloney - we got maybe half an inch, not even enough to cover the grass - and Greenwich was more likely to get rain instead. So, sure enough, we've been having rain all day; the only problem is that it's frozen rain.

Sleet, to use its other name, is coating the slushy roads and making for treacherous driving. Sensible people are staying indoors. Only the weak-minded, or a few die-hard bloggers like your scribe, are venturing out to risk life and limb. The schools are closed, but it's not really a snow day; you can't make a snowman, or go sledding, or even skate on the ponds. Greenwich Avenue looks like a ghost town. So where is everybody?

At a guess, a goodly portion of the student population may be on their computers, surfing or gaming or IM-ing each other. Others may be watching one of the hundreds of cable TV channels, or catching a movie on DVD. Some (one hopes!) may actually be reading a book.

Which, now that this report has been filed, is what your scribe plans to do.


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