Monday, April 23, 2007

Dorthy Moxley

Just a quick post to let y'all know that your scribe had a brief chat with Dorthy Moxley, mother of the slain Martha Moxley, in the hallway outside courtroom 6A of the Stamford courthouse this morning. Her unfailing good spirits, her bright smile, her indomitable optimism, and her inner strength all radiate from somewhere deep within, and it is always a pleasure to be with someone of such outstanding character and grace.

Michael Skakel, the convicted murderer of Martha, is a study in contrasts. Where Dorthy is petite and vivacious, he is hugely overweight and stolid. Where her face is a study in warmth and expressiveness, his is a mask of cold indifference. Where she exudes confidence in God's justice, he appears to be fearful of His judgment.

And thus, it seems, we have our own home-grown morality play being acted out right here in our own back yard. What a shame, Dorthy said, that Michael didn't come forward earlier, voluntarily, and take his relatively lenient punishment under the juvenile justice system. He would still have had his whole adult life in front of him. Can you imagine, dear reader, feeling such empathy for your daughter's killer?

Your scribe agreed with her, of course, noting that by running and hiding Michael has caused the loss of two lives, not just one. For, despite the millions of dollars being expended by the Kennedy-Skakel family in his defense, Michael's life at this point is all but worthless.

Dorthy would probably not agree. But your scribe calls them as he sees them. Morality plays have always been high on his list of literary favorites. Lots of black and white, and few if any shades of gray. If you kill someone, something within you will die as well. Just look at Michael Skakel, dear reader, and you will quickly see the truth of that statement.


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