Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Greenwich (Dumb-as-a-) Post Strikes Again

Greenwich is ill-served by its no-longer-local newspapers, as we all know, but really! Is it such a difficult thing to get the facts straight in a simple story based on public records?

Apparently so. Ace investigative reporter Ken-Ken Borksuck (he of the sneezes that sound like obscenities) manages to get just about every salient fact wrong in his attempted exposition of the alleged art fraud scam on Doverton Drive.

Long known for his slovenly reporting - not to mention appearance - the unlovely Ken-Ken tells us in his very first sentence, "A backcountry resident has been arrested...." He then goes on to give an incorrect address which is within a stone's throw of the Boston Post Road in Cos Cob. Even the correct address is only two stones' tosses away. This is "backcountry" Greenwich?! Ken-Ken clearly needs a geography lesson, for starters.

He also gets the name of the Doverton Drive resident wrong. He carefully edits and alters the Greenwich Police Department documents to avoid identifying the accused by the name that is referenced in the warrant itself. Her mother is identified only as Mr. Ford's "late wife", which is as true as only a half-truth can be. Her father is not mentioned at all, even though everyone in Town knows who he is.

Sloppy? Yes. Inaccurate? You bet. Deliberately misleading? Of course. Such journalistic swill is typical of the Greenwich (Dumb-as-a-) Post and its crack investigative reporter Ken-Ken Borksuck. It's hard to understand why any advertisers would want to be associated with such a rag. Well, sooner or later, perhaps they won't. Hasten the day.


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