Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Other Shoe Drops...

Your scribe, as y'all must know by now, is pretty much fearless when it comes to calling a spade a spade. Did anyone catch the dark hint posted earlier about the disappearing laptop in the Christ Church/Bob Tate situation? It was suggested ten days ago by your omniscient local historian that the said laptop was very possibly taken by one of the church's lawyers and deep-sixed. I wondered briefly if Phil Russell would try to sue me for libel; but then I realized he'd only be calling attention to himself if he did.

Well, whether or not it's because the feds and/or the Greenwich Gestapo are among the lurkers on this blog, or whether there are other brilliant minds in addition to your scribe's which were able to put two and two together, today's Yellowwich Time carries the gladsome news of Phil's indictment for obstructing justice and destroying evidence in the Tate case. To quote the Local Rag:

"According to the indictment, Russell was acting as attorney for the church on Oct. 9 when he knowingly took a laptop owned by Robert F. Tate, the church's longtime music director, and 'corruptly altered, destroyed, mutilated and concealed it' to prevent federal investigators from retrieving child pornography."

So a crooked lawyer - which is my long-time personal view of Phil - finally meets his come-uppance. I have seen him engaged before in what I would call the perversion of justice, but few around this town ever believed me. Even our State Rep Livvy Floren went running to him after her encounter with Bambi (recounted above) despite my pointed warnings that this was not a good move on her part. I wonder if she you, Livvy?

Anyhow, I think it is safe to say that Phil's long ride at the expense of the local gentry is coming to an end. The court imposed a $100,000 bond, which suggests how seriously it takes Phil's transgressions, even though he probably makes more than that in an average month. The LR doesn't say whether Phil had to surrender his passport, which makes one wonder whether he may try to make a break for it. He could probably live pretty well in some third-world country off whatever he may have stashed away from his years of raking in his high-end fees from town residents...I wonder if the court thought to order him to wear an ankle bracelet to forestall that possibility?

While he will certainly be disbarred if convicted - and he faces up to 40 years in prison if he is - Phil may also be debarred from practicing law in the interim. It looks at this point as though his career is pretty much over. And high time, too, IMO. Karma may sometimes take longer to work than we think it should, but let no one doubt that it does prevail in the end. Even here in Greenwich.


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